A4IS creates full automatic self-adjusting manufacturing lines to produce RFID Tags

and can provide a full range of commercial options, from sale to rental

servicing and post-sale maintenance is available for all customers.


Our Products

A4IS creates full automatic self-adjusting manufacturing lines to produce HF & NFC 13,56 MHz and UHF 860-920 MHz RFID Tags, made of copper micro wire antennas and chips on strap, paper, plastic and textile supports, delivered in reels or singulated devices.

  • Strap use creates independency from chip selection and flexibility in chip positioning
  • Copper micro wire antenna soldered on strap allows maximum antenna geometry flexibility, and fastest time from design to deliver, combined with fast prototyping.
  • Environmental intrinsic friendliness due to the absence of PET or equivalent material inlay, no chemicals in the antenna processing.
  • Overall best in class performance thanks to copper wire conductivity and maximum tag area coverage.
  • "Tagsurance" equipment by Voyantic performs final test granting 100% good products output.

Full Automatic Manufacturing

In-line, reel to reel modular machine. Each module is expandable to the requested capacity. Software set up and control of RFID tags dimensions. The machine is managed by a single operator supervision, supported by cameras monitoring.

Strap use independency from chip

By the adoption of a strap on which the RFID chip is bonded, it’s viable the use of most common passive RFID tags from HF/NFC to UHF. Different strap shapes and geometries allow for additional functionalities or multi-standard RFID chips without the need to change the tag structure.

Antenna Forming

Copper micro-wire antenna allows for best in class performance of passive RFID Tags, by granting at the same time the maximum flexibility of geometry and efficiency in tag area usage. Change of products are a matter of software and is reduced to tens of minutes. When a change in support material occurs the antenna adjustment is easily manageable.

Strap-Antenna soldering

The innovative soldering paste jet dosing coupled with laser operation grants very efficient well focused welding of the antenna to the strap.


Tagsurance state of the art testing equipment by Voyantic grants that any defective tag is detected and before the rewinding phase. More than that, it allows to check products performances along frequency and compare them against a target tag response.

Automation 4 Industrial Solutions

Mission and Vision

A4IS is fully dedicated to the design, development and marketing of innovative automatic smart manufacturing lines for the production of RFID Tags in view of full deployment of Internet of Things.

Moreover A4IS supports existing and new techniques such as Inductive Coupling, Passive and Semi-Active powering, Sensoring, Beacons and more.

A team of mechatronic and electronic designers and technicians based in Northern Italy draws down concepts and makes them reality .

We provide full customization of the machines and integration in existing production environments.

The company know-how is based on both RFID how to make patents portfolio exploitation, automation and process innovations.

Our mission is to deliver high-speed / high-quality manufacturing lines and tools by covering the full designing and production processes from components to finished working manufacturing lines based and complying with customers specifications and care about.

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